It Finally Came!!!

It has been an exciting week (for me) here. I received my much desired Cornflower Blue KitchenAid stand mixer!! It was an early birthday gift from my Nana. She knew I wanted one, as we discussed it at my brother’s birthday earlier in the month. I had mentioned that they had been on sale the week before, so we checked to see if it still was (is wasn’t 😦 ); so she told me to keep an eye out for the next time it was on sale anywhere and she would give me a check for it then. I was soooo excited!! I have wanted this exact one since…I don’t know when, but I wanted it! With all the cooking and baking I do for the family, it was only going to make my life easier.

Well, over the last few weeks I had been religiously checking for this coveted item to be on sale. On Father’s Day I struck Gold! I found it on sale, with Free shipping! WooHooo!  We were going to lunch that day at Nana’s, so I could tell her about it then.

While we were preparing lunch for the Dad’s we started talking about cooking, which led to baking, which led to Nana asking if I had found my mixer on sale yet. I told her I had…and the rest is history, as they say. So, without further ado, here she is 🙂

I was waiting for the UPS truck like a child waits for Christmas morning! After ordering, it took less than four days to get to me.  I highly recommend EverythingKitchens.Com…They are expedient, and you don’t pay tax on your orders (unless you live in Missouri) and free shipping on most items…you really can’t beat that. Plus, there are often coupon codes available for $ off a certain amount (google it 🙂 )

Anyway, I had to try it out, and my Mom bought me a Simply Sweet magazine chock full of cupcake recipes. After some deliberation between my mom, sister and I,(and my mom had some really ripe bananas that needed to be used) we decided that I would make these:

The perfect combo of two delicious desserts!

Banana Pudding Cupcakes! (Recipe here) The perfect combination of two of my very favorite things! I have loved Banana pudding all of my life, and I am not talking the artificially flavored banana pudding, I am talking about the fresh ripe banana slices layered with Nilla wafers, vanilla pudding and whipped cream. Creamy goodness in a bowl. When I saw this recipe, I knew it had to be made. Everyone in my family loves banana pudding, so I knew they would go fast 🙂

While the recipe calls for the Store-bought Nilla wafers, I opted to find a recipe for them and make them fresh. This is why I LOVE Pinterest. It makes it so easy to find a recipe for something, and has fast become my go-to for ideas 🙂 I quickly found the recipe and whipped up the cookies and then set about making the cupcakes. FYI, after making them, I decided that making the filling first (after the cookies) would have been the best way to go about making all of the various pieces of this cake. It has to cool completely before using.

These cupcakes are delicious! They are everything I was hoping they would be. They smell divine while baking. The cake is something like banana bread but sweeter and more tender. With the addition of the banana curd filling and whipped cream topping and the cookie…OMG….I was in Heaven! Definitely a delightful twist on a classic dessert, and I think would be a hit at the next Summer barbecue 🙂 A word of warning….These are addicting…Friends will be asking for the recipe, asking for you to make more, even offering to buy the things needed to make more, just so they can shove their faces full again and again. Yeah…they are that good. Hint: these need to be refrigerated, and they are super this way as well as freshly made.

For more finger-licking deliciousness…Stay Tuned….


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