Coming Home


She’s home! Its been a month since we brought our beautiful little Harlequin home from Kentucky. We obviously have been super busy, not just with the new puppy, but the three bears were here also. That was a very busy weekend! I picked the boys up from their father on Friday (I drove 4 hours to meet them halfway between their house and ours) and the very next day we all drove to Kentucky to meet my Friend with Southern Pride Boston Terriers to pick up our new baby.

Harleycominghome Slept the 7 hour trip home…..

Her official AKC name is Dunn’s Darling Harlequin. We just call her Harley. She is the sweetest little girl. she is also a priss about getting her paws wet, lol… she is doing pretty good at the potty training, unless it is raining. That little girl will put all her weight (less than 10 pounds!) into NOT walking in the yard for her potty break! Silly puppy 🙂

Checking out some of her new toys…..

The boys all enjoyed playing with the puppy and couldn’t get enough snuggles and puppy kisses. Harley, of course was all about playing with her new toys, nipping at little boy fingers and snuggling in her new blankets.

Look at that face! Such a cutie 🙂

After the bears were here for about 2 weeks, we all made a trip south to see the rest of the family for father’s day weekend. We did a lot of driving and visiting and Harley had a blast playing with my mom’s dog Lily. Lily wasn’t to sure about this little puppy coming into her house, but still being quite young herself she took to playing chase with Harley through the house, causing lots of laughter all around.

After a long weekend of visiting we headed home with the smallest of the three bears, who wanted to stay for another 2 weeks. We did some painting, played at the park, watched movies and played Monopoly…the stuff summers are made of, lol. My smallest bear went home this past weekend and now we are trying to get resettled back into our normal routine and also trying to get Goldilocks ready for School. My next post will be on some of the cooking/baking I have done recently. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the puppy pictures!



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