WOW, its been awhile….

Its been more than a year since the last time I posted….Where does time go?? Goldilocks has had 2 birthdays, I have a nephew that is over a year old, We’ve moved… TWICE! there have been highs and lows, baking experiments and cooking fails, snow, rain, ice, sunshine and did I mentioned we have moved twice?! Crazy, right?? I’ve definitely gotten good at packing…. and cardboard boxes are for novices. We have plastic totes! Lol… but truly. Free boxes are really hard to come by anymore. Most stores use the reusable one that have to be sent back to the manufacturer, and to BUY them is ridiculous. Its cheaper to buy plastic totes at Walmart. But I digress….

The first move was just to a different location in the same city we were in. No big deal. We got lucky and some friends helped us move, so we saved the expense of a moving truck. the Second move was BIG. We moved back to Florida!! Woohoo!! Finally!! it has been years in the making, but it finally happened. We are back in my hometown currently, but will eventually be moving about an hour to an hour and a half south.  Anyway, I am soooooo happy to be back in the sunshine state. I’ve managed to make it out to the beach a few times, but for the most part its been a bit too chilly or raining… or I haven’t had the means to get out there,(single vehicle family… Dear Husband commutes for now). We have plans for the beach this weekend and I am excited!! Pics will be coming!

In the past year I have learned how to make ice-cream … Like REALLY good ice-cream! So far I’ve made Vanilla, Bourbon Peach cinnamon , Chocolate-chip Cookie dough, Chocolate, Strawberry….. I have plans for more, but those are the what I have done so far. I have also learned how to make Macarons! I stayed the Dragon!! I was soooo afraid to even attempt them. One day, I just decided I HAD to try. the ingredients are so simple… I knew if I crashed and burned the first time, I would try again. Wonder of wonders, the first batch came out AMAZING! So, I made another, and another… came up with different flavor combos and made more… I LOVE making them! Its fun! They are DELICIOUS!  You can pack so much flavor into a two-bite cookie! I have learned some tips and tricks and they tend to come out pretty good (almost) every time.

Ive made cakes and cupcakes and actually been paid for them! How cool is that?? It started with a slice of coconut cake, and spiraled from there. That first move I mentioned was to an apartment over a little jewelry store. My Landlady was the jewelry store owner, and the apartment was on the historic tourist destination in the city… so lots of Antique stores, old houses and cute one-of-a-kind restaurants. The apartment we lived in (and the jewelry store) was a house that was built in the early 1800’s. Very cute place, and even though we only lived there for a few months, it was definitely cool to live on that street, and be able to walk out the front door and down to the cute shops and such. ANYWAY… I keep running off on a tangent.

SO, we moved in a week or so before Thanksgiving and decided to do a dessert night, with the friends that helped us move, thanksgiving weekend. I made Coconut cake and an apple küchen cheesecake with caramel sauce. Well, of course there was leftovers, so I ran a few slices downstairs to the Landlady and the other lady that worked with her. She went absolutely swoony over my cake! She seriously had me blushing with her compliments! She wanted to know if I would make cupcakes and cakes for money… well of course I would, but never had before. So she started scheduling orders for cakes and cupcakes…. and even made some macarons for a friend of hers after she tried some that I brought down. It is extremely gratifying when someone thinks your stuff is THAT good. I had fun with that for sure. (pics below are some of the deliciousness that I’ve done)

I’ve made a few more quilts since my last post too. Right now I am trying to raise some money for something special, that just trying to save for isn’t going to cover. SOOOO, I am making quilts… mostly baby/crib sized ones, when people request them. This is where belonging to a mommy group is AWESOME. The one I belong to has “small business days” twice a week, so that you can promote your mommy or baby or family related business. I did my first post yesterday and already have a few orders. It gives me hope that I can actually do this. (pics are some of the quilts I’ve made)

I’m sure some of you are probably thinking, “just get a job”…. well, 1 car+360 miles a day(if I kept the car I would have to drive DH to work and back and then pick him up)+then having very limited hours to work(something like 9-3, because I would have to be off in time to get Goldilocks from school and immediately leave to get DH)= not many if any place that would work with me on that on top of spending 40$ or more a day on GAS…. yeah… all that adds up to me not making anything. Between taxes and gas, I wouldn’t be making anything at all. Again… I digress….

I am holding on to the hope that I can make enough quilts and add that to the money I can manage to save every month…. and I can meet the goals I have set. Say a little prayer for me! or send good Vibes… whatever it is you do! I appreciate all of it! Thanks.

P.S. Definitely will be doing better with this whole blogging thing… Sorry the last few years have gotten away from me!

P.S.S. OKRA!!! I made fried okra! and it was so good!!!






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